Freqently Asked Questions

What others have asked multiple times, answered.

Q: Do these offer Chikungunya Fever protection?

A: Chikungunya Fever is mainly spread by mosquitoes and as far as we know it is not an airborne pathogen like the flu.

Q: Why are CaluTech products so inexpensive? Are they "cheap air purifiers" ?

A: We are the manufacturer and we sell direct to you. It's not being sold to a home store who then adds on and sells it to you. The air purifiers come straight from manufacturing to your door. This cuts costs on our side by up to 60% so we pass the savings on to you. Are they cheap? Hardly. These units are professional and operate at optimum levels. They are heavy duty and manufactured in Illinois by us, not someone else. We ship worldwide.

Q: I already have a duct mounted UV air purifier, will these do more for me if I add it to what I have?

A: Even better! If you have one by a competitor you can trade it in and take up to 20% off, depending on the unit you have, no matter how old it is, for one of our air duct UV air purifiers! Just email us with what you have!

Q: I saw a similar item, called an ozone generator. Is this the same thing?

A: The CaluTech products are not ozone generating air cleaners. Ozone is harmful to your health and causes permanent lung damage. See our "More Information" page to learn more about what an ozone system really does. Also see what others are saying about ozone air purifiers. What are they legal? They probably will not be much longer, there's lots of legislation regarding ozone air purifiers. In 2007 California banned them, others plan to follow the State with their own legislation to outlaw them.

Q: Do your UV lamps produce ozone?

A: Many UV lamps intentionally produce ozone in large amounts (UV-V), which we do not recommend, nor does the EPA or American Lung Association. The UV lamps we use (UV-C) have special tubing that filters out the 185nm ozone wavelength, however all UV lamps that are considered 'ozone free' do produce some ozone, but the amount of ozone produced is so minute it is not considered an ozone producing lamp. Fax machines & copy machines produce ozone at minimal levels too, but buying air purifiers that are called 'ozone air purifiers' or 'ozone generators' intentionally produce large amounts. Even 0.04ppm (how ozone is measured) is now found to be lung damaging.

Q: How does your product compare to the ionic purifier on TV?

A: Simply put, to date there is no known scientific evidence that ionic air purifiers actually help people in any way, just opinions, no proof. UV-C is proven. That's a good marketing department they have! Even worse, ionic air purifiers produce their own form of ozone, not what you want in your home, or around your kids.

Q: How long are UV lamps good for?

A: CaluTech products use UV-C germicidal lamps which operate at a wavelength of 253.7 nanometers, the germicidal wavelength of light which kills germs, and can last as long as 3 years. However, no UV lamp should be used for more than 12 months without replacing the UV lamp. Although they still light up after 12 months they do not produce the UVC germicidal light they did when they were new. 36W replacements are only $26.99 each, not $40 or $80 each like other companies (we don't mark them up). Replacement 18W lamps are $22.49. It is a very cost effective UV air purifier. We recommend annual changes of the UV lamps for maximum ultraviolet air sterilization.

Q: Why are your UV-C germicidal lamps / bulbs so inexpensive?

A: It's very common for customers to think our UV lamps are not efficient like competitors because they are low priced, but the fact is they are more powerful than most UV-C germicidal lamp products used in other UV air purifier systems. Plain and simple, we don't mark them up. You can find our same style lamp used in our UV air purifier at a competitor site for $45 each, and we even found another for $107 each, that's just ridiculous. The $26.99 UV lamp cost is basically our cost, so we just pass it on to you. Lamp cross reference: PL-L36W/TUV, PL-L18W/TUV, GPL18, GPL36, UC36W1006, UC18W1004, UV100E

Q: How much maintenance does the unit require?

A: CaluTech Blue air purifiers require no maintenance. All you need to do is change the lamps once a year for maximum efficiency. Once your unit is installed, which takes an average 10 minutes, you simply plug it in.

Q: Is this something the average homeowner can install themselves?

A: Yes. Installation is simple, but if you prefer you can contact your local heating and air conditioning company for installation or a handyman. The unit can be installed in as little as 10 minutes. If you do not wish to install a furnace duct mounted germicidal air purifier you should have a qualified contractor install it for you. Installation if very simple and only requires a drill with a 2" holesaw (like the round door knob installation drill bit) and a phillips screwdriver, that's it!

Q: What kind of warranty does CaluTech offer?

A: The CaluTech Blue, Mini-Blue, DSL UV and Blueray UV air purifiers carry a warranty of 10 years. The Airtronics UV purifier carries a 2 year warranty.

Q: I've seen other units available that claim to be high powered air purification utilizing UV. How does CaluTech's unit compare?

A: There is no comparison. Read why you should choose CaluTech. The Calutech Blue� air purifiers produce high output UV germicidal air sterilization and have been tested to safely sanitize between 98 and 99.9 percent of the indoor air. The Blueray is a super high output ultraviolet air duct system! No other unit we're aware of on the market meets the power of the Blueray. The effect of irradiation is based on microwatts and time of exposure. The lethal exposure period of an organism is determined by its susceptibility. The wavelength of radiation, the density of the radiation flux (watts per unit area) and time exposure. Did we lose you? These UV lamps are regulated at 253.7 nm energy. When you see 'nm' that is short for nanometers, how the UV light is measured. When you see 253.7nm that means 'germicidal UV light' - the wavelength of the UV spectrum that kills germs in the air and on surfaces. The germicidal effectiveness is proportional to the product of intensity time from one micro-second to a few hours.

Q: I've read UV lights do in fact work, but not in a furnace or air conditioning duct because the UV light doesn't have enough time to clean the air when the air is moving by so fast. I'm interested in how you overcome this problem.

A: CaluTech estimated a typical air velocity of a home furnace and greatly increased the amount of UV actually needed. When air is moving at thousands of cubic feet per minute (cfm) past a UVC light bulb, you're right, it doesn't leave enough 'exposure time' where the UV light can actually do anything at all, so when you buy those little tiny UV bulb air purifiers for your air duct guess what? That's what's happening. Using the double tube germicidal UV bulb, which is already a high output UV bulb, and placing another one right next to it, just 5 inches away, increases the amount of the UV air purifiers power by an extreme amount. It's more UV then you need to clean surfaces, but it's the right amount of UV that YOU HAVE TO HAVE in an HVAC ventilation system to achieve any result in air purification. Many sellers are putting cheap little UV lights on air purifiers and saying 'here's your answer to indoor air quality problems' but the truth is, they don't do a thing but light up blue and look fancy. Isn't that illegal? No, actually it's not. If it's got UV it can be called a UV air purifier. Regardless of how little power it has.

Some references you can check:

Ultraviolet and Infrared engineering by Summer, Interscience Publishers
American conference of Governmental and industrial hygienist, Threshold limits for workroom air.
Ultra-Violet Radiation by Koller, Pub. John Wiley and sons.
Any state government agency should also have information on the technology used in the wastewater field which is much more critical than air sterilization. UV is commonly used in place of chlorine for disinfections and the technology has been used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry.

Q: There are a lot of units on the market. Where does the CaluTech Blue� fall into place?

A: Because of the recent scare of bio-terrorism, companies have virtually popped up overnight selling units that look a lot like the CaluTech Blue� air purification system. These are NOT CaluTech germicidal UV air systems and they do not perform to the level of CaluTech standards.

Q: Is the CaluTech Blue� constructed in a solid manner, and are the electrical components safe?

A: The Calutech Blue� series UV air purifiers are certified to US & Canadian standards, encased in a grounded metal housing and OSHA compliant for commercial applications. All CaluTech inner components use only US / Canadian certified parts. Are you a business? If so, don't install a product with no certification, it's against Federal building code.

Q: How many watts? What are the details of the bulb?

A: UV-C: 24-26 Watts. Bulb: 36 watts each, hot cathode. This is the spec for the Blue, DSL, and Airtronics UV air purifiers. The high output duct mounted UV air purifier features 120 watts. The Mini-Blue furnace / A/C duct mount air purifier features 2 18w lamps with short lamps for tight areas.

Q: Is Hot Cathode better than Cold Cathode?

A: In the uppermost vertical section of your plenum both hot and cold cathode tubes suffer diminished effectivness based on cooler temperatures. We overcompensate with excessive UV-C wattage to get a maximum kill without ozone. Hot cathode is more effective than cold cathode when installed at the condenser coil. Cooler temperatures were known to cause hot cathode UV lamps to dim a little, but the new OxyCat sleeve holds the temperature of the bulb while it does its job, the second method of air purificaiton.

Q: What is Snapcat?

A: Snapcat is an advanced air oxidation technology, commonly called Photocatalytic Oxidation or nanotechnology. A Photocatalyst for air purification. Read more here. The most advanced photocatalytic air purifier is OxyCat, introduced in February of 2008. There's nothing else like it. learn more

Q: How much does all this cost?

A: Units on the market are similar in price, most are much higher. We have a low price guarantee. Pricing can be viewed in the shopping cart.

Q: I've had a CaluTech system in my home for over a year and have never changed the lamps. Does this mean it is no longer cleaning the air?

A: No. Although the lamps should be changed yearly for maximum efficiency, your unit is still cleaning the air. Not changing the lamps every year lowers the effectiveness of the sanitizing cycle.

Q: Similar UV air cleaners sell for $700 or more. Why is the CaluTech Blue sold for such a low price?

A: CaluTech is a wholesaler and manufacturer of air purification equipment. Because we're not a reseller for someone else we don't need to profit more. We sell to HVAC and heating and air conditioning companies, but we also sell direct to you. We manufacture and sell factory direct.

Q: I'd like to benefit from the use of a UV air cleaner, but I do not have forced air ducts in my home. Can I use the CaluTech Blue?

A: It is for ventilation only but you can benefit from the CaluTech Custom Air Purifier Program, a portable system that we custom make (not expensive) for people who do not have forced air ventilation. The United Nations uses this same air purifier.

Q: I've just received my furnace air induct UV air purifier. The instructions explain everything well, but I'm still not sure where to put it?

A: If you have A/C we recommend installation above the coils. If you do not know where they are look for a drain hose or copper lines entering your air duct. This is where the coil is. You want to install the unit above this coil. Because coils are always wet, even when the A/C is not running, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and mold. The UV light shining down on this coil burns all of these pathogens up. DO NOT drill right into the duct where the drain or copper lines are coming out. You must install it above the coil. If you run a drill bit into this coil all the freon will come out and you will need an HVAC contractor to open the duct and repair the coil, or even replace it. A good idea is to drill a small inspection hole above where the coil is, or even open the air duct to look at where it sits, so you know you've installed it in the right spot. If you do not have A/C you can install the unit easily in the cold air return line, which is the duct that brings the air in the home or building to the furnace so it can be heated. If you're in doubt, call a heating & air conditioning company to install it for you. It doesn't cost much to have it professionally installed. Install time is usually less than 15 minutes. Maximum plenum temp is rated at 140F.

Q: I have a humidifier on my supply duct. Can I install the UV air purifier near the humidifier?

A: Yes, at or above the humidifier. If you install it below the humidifier water droplets can drip down on the lamps and shorten their life. The Blue UV air purifier is adequate for wet locations. Even more, OxyCat, an add-on accessory, uses moisture to further activate its oxy cleaning power.

Q: My HVAC contractor cut the cord off the CaluTech duct mounted air purifier and wired it direct to the fan. Does this mean I have no warranty now?

A: You would have been better off with the unit on always, not connected to a relay or switch on the fan. When the fan isn't running the pathogens and mold spores in the air don't stop too. In addition, the dust mites don't stop mating and multiplying. You want the UV on whenever possible. If mounted at the coils keep in mind that they are always wet, even when the fan shuts off. If the UV goes off at the coil for even 10 minutes mold already begins to form. Keep it on for cleaner air. This extends the lamp life and the electrical cost is no more than a single light bulb. If you want it to be sent as a hard wire unit we'll ship it to you that way, just select it at checkout.

Q: Do you offer remanufactued units?

A: Yes, from time to time we have units that are damaged in shipping and exchanged, although this is very rare. You can contact us to inquire about any available units at a discounted price.

Q: Will you really beat any price by $20 ?

A: Yes, if the competitor's unit is comparable, no matter what the cost is, we will beat it by $20 if their price is lower than ours, guaranteed. Comparable means the unit has the same amount of UV sterilization. For example, if you find a 2 lamp air purifier like the CaluTech Blue for a low price and it performs with the same amount of UV generated and carries an equivalent warranty we will offer you ours for $20 less than theirs, even if theirs is on sale.

Q: If the air duct UV air purifiers fail how do I get my replacement?

A: That's easy. No return authorization needed, just send it back to us and we'll send you the replacement or repair yours immediately. Be sure to include your name, address & email inside the box so we can verify your warranty (unless your unit has a warranty serial number tag on it. If it does we scan the bar code and know who you are).

Q: What exactly is ultraviolet light?

A: Ultraviolet light is an invisible light (to humans) but many insects can see it (known as phototactic eye sight). UV light emits at different levels called nanometers (a unit of measurement that is one billionth of a meter). Ultraviolet light is separated into three common spectrums. UVA operates between 315 and 400 nanometers (nm). These are known as black lights and many insect zappers use this UV lamp to attract insects to the zapper because the insects think the light they see is the sun. UVB is used for phototherapy (treatment of skin diseases, for example) and operates between 280 and 315 nm. UVC is used for UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) and this is what our units operate at. This light has a wavelength of 100 to 280 nm. Our products operate at 253.7 nm which is the optimal level of UVC light for sterilization of the air, and even water. UV light is present in a fluorescent lamp tube which contains a mixture of 3 mgs of mercury and a phosphor coating. When UV lamps are energized the electrical current is mixed through the lamp tube that contains the phosphor and mercury vapor. The atoms in the Mercury absorb the energy from the electrical current which causes the atoms to become unstable. The atoms seek to become stable again so in order to do this they must lose any extra energy they contain. When the atoms release this energy it is released in the form of ultraviolet radiation. When the UV radiation is present in the tube lamps it attempts to get out of the phosphor coated lamps (coated inside the tubes). When this happens UV light is released. The more or less amount of phosphor coating inside the lamp tubes the higher or lower the amount of nanometers. With different mixes of phosphor the desired amount of UV is produced (A, B, or C).
Our UVC light penetrates the outer membrane of viruses, bacteria, mold, and even yeasts. When this happens the DNA of the microbes is modified, which causes modifications to the DNA structure, and eliminates the possibility of these microbes to reproduce, so they eventually all die off just as humans would if we could no longer reproduce. All microorganisms have different levels of tolerance to radiation and these levels are measured (known as a D Value) which makes it possible to estimate the time of exposure required to destroy these different microorganisms. The chart on our home page shows many of these values and where possible we also link to more information about the virus, mold, bacteria, yeast, etc.

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